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Whether you’re working on the first proof-of-concept of your cutting-edge technology or ready to ship the first batch of your product, JKI is your trusted software partner with nearly 15 years of experience in helping scientists and engineers bring ideas to life. We use LabVIEW from prototype to product to design and develop software for measurement and control systems. We work hard and smart on your innovative products and get you to market quickly with LabVIEW. But we’re more than just software developers. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to build real-world scientific and engineering systems from the ground up. We know how to meet you where you are at and can easily scale our involvement based on your needs. Our commitment to being a part of your company's long-term success is what drives us and pushes us to our very best.

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User Experience Without Compromise

We believe that user experience starts from designing robust systems that act predictably under a wide range of conditions. The complexity of the system can only be hidden from the user by carefully designing the system in a way that it is able to operate without user intervention. Great user experience arises from understanding the intrinsic needs of various users and what they are trying to accomplish when interacting with the system. Professional user interface design is a finishing touch in the cross-cutting process of providing the user just the right experience. We have been leaders in designing easy-to-use systems with modern desktop and touchscreen user experiences with LabVIEW, allowing our customers to save months of development work by keeping all software in a single environment.

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Our consultants understand the work engineers and scientists are trying to do. We help companies refine their designs and better understand their technology -- to make new discoveries.

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High-Speed Measurement + Control With FPGA

Does your system require flexible high-speed measurements or control? FPGAs are reprogrammable silicon chips that provide speed and determinism of a hardware system combined with the flexibility of a software application. Whether you need to process your high-speed measurement data in real-time, react to fault conditions in microseconds or control your system components with speeds beyond what is conventionally possible, an FPGA-based system might be the right solution for you. Our embedded system specialists can assist you with your project by implementing the complete systems software stack from FGPA to embedded processor and desktop all in one language, LabVIEW.

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Speed Up Your System Development With Data

Whether you are designing a new scientific instrument or building a novel engineering system, the key to success is understanding the characteristic of your system early in the project. We have extensive experience helping scientists and engineers realize their dreams from breadboard prototypes to shipping systems. We have learned that a key difference between success and failure lies in how well you understand your system throughout the development process. Ability to collect, analyze and visualize your system data enables you to steer the project in the right direction from the very beginning. Our approach to systems software is to provide you with the tools you need to gain a complete understanding of your system. Our team of data engineers design and develop algorithms from signal processing to control system and from machine vision to deep learning.

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Leader in LabVIEW Software Engineering

Software engineering is a mindset, a mindset that enables rapid development of high-quality software applications. Since the beginning we have been one of the thought leaders in software engineering tools and best practices in the LabVIEW ecosystem. Our team developed VI Package Manager, the now-standard package management system for LabVIEW and VI Tester, the xUnit style unit test framework for LabVIEW. We were one of the early adopters and now a heavy user of continuous integration for LabVIEW projects. We believe that with the right tools, frameworks and practices it is possible to develop robust high-quality software fast. Having these practices in place early on will prove to be extremely valuable when you're trying to meet tight milestone goals or putting out fires. Let us help your team of software engineers to adopt the right software engineering best practices now so that you can be successful tomorrow.

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Ability to collect, analyze and visualize data enables our customers to steer the project in the right direction from the very beginning.

Tomi Maila - JKI

Web, Mobile & Cloud Development

Scientists and engineers today expect to be able to access instrument dashboards or control their systems remotely using web browsers and hand-held devices. Whether interacting with their scientific or engineering instruments locally using a tablet device or from their home sofa using a web browser or a mobile device, scientists and engineers expect ubiquitous access to the data and control of their systems. JKI augments instrumentation software with web & mobile apps and cloud technologies to bring the promise of ubiquitous computing and Internet of things (IoT) to scientists and engineers.

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Custom Training From the World Renowned Experts

At the core of everything we do, we are passionate about teaching people how to apply our software engineering principles and design patterns so they also can create high-quality code and UIs for their applications. We do this by carefully designing hands-on trainings and webinars that help develop applicable skills for all levels of LabVIEW proficiency. Our team of Certified LabVIEW Architects and LabVIEW Champions draw from their wealth of knowledge, years of experience and aptitude in various scientific disciplines to help upgrade your skill set in record time.

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