JKI OfficeJKI is a software design and development consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area that helps companies build complex software products written in LabVIEW. Founded in 2002, we excel at developing instrument control software for industrial automation, test, and measurement applications. We work with companies in a variety of high-tech industries, from biotech to clean energy to semiconductor.

Our world-renowned product development experts specialize in helping companies build large-scale commercial, mission-critical applications primarily in LabVIEW. Unlike other LabVIEW consulting firms, we’ve also built a suite of powerful LabVIEW tools and infrastructure that we deploy to accelerate and improve our customers’ projects. We apply these same tools to develop and deploy our own commercial software products, which are used by more than a quarter million LabVIEW programmers worldwide.

If you want a team of savvy LabVIEW experts who have proven that they can solve even the most difficult LabVIEW challenges on time and within budget, get in touch with us.

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