VI Package Manager

Discover, Share, and Create LabVIEW™ Add-ons

  • Discover LabVIEW add-ons from the LabVIEW Tools Network.
  • Work smarter by building reusable code libraries and tools for your developers and customers.
  • Manage LabVIEW add-on use in multiple projects and multiple LabVIEW versions.
  • Share reusable code libraries from your own private or public server.
  • Create custom code library management tools using a VI-based API.


Learn More

  • Read the datasheet to learn how VIPM helps LabVIEW developers work smarter.
  • Discover how Chris Roebuck uses VIPM to share reusable code among 30 LabVIEW developers and keep EADS Astrium's satellites in the sky.
  • Learn how Christian Loew and the NI Systems Engineering group use VIPM to collaborate with coworkers and customers around the globe.